The 5 Best Italian Wines To Pair With Your Pasta Dish

By: Katerina

Date: November 15, 2022

The best Italian wines can be paired with a variety of pasta dishes. From light and fruity whites to robust and full-bodied reds, there is a perfect wine for every pasta dish. So whether you’re in the mood for a simple spaghetti with marinara sauce or an elaborate lasagna with multiple meat and cheese fillings, here are five of the best Italian wines to pair with your pasta dish!


1. Pinot Grigio

A light and refreshing wine with citrus and floral aromas, Pinot Grigio is the perfect partner for simple pasta dishes like spaghetti with tomato sauce or garlic and olive oil.


2. Chianti

A classic Italian red wine with flavors of cherries, spices, and tobacco, Chianti is the perfect match for heartier pasta dishes like lasagna or beefy Bolognese sauce.


3. Barbera

A fruity and medium-bodied red wine with high acidity, Barbera is a great choice for pasta dishes with bold sauces like puttanesca or arrabbiata.


4. Nero d’Avola

A full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavors and a touch of spice, Nero d’Avola is an ideal partner for rich and hearty pasta dishes like osso buco or wild boar ragu.


5. Moscato d’Asti

A light, sparkling, and slightly sweet wine, Moscato d’Asti is the perfect ending to a meal with a creamy pasta dish like fettuccine Alfredo or tortellini in broth.


So next time you’re making your favorite pasta dish, be sure to pair it with one of these delicious Italian wines! Buon appetite!


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