Rare Designed Helmet Collections for Fashion Artist

By: Katerina

Date: August 11, 2019

A fashion artist is particular when it comes to the design of anything they possess. Imagine a fashion artist who is also a motorcyclist, this is one person who when on the road people cannot afford to take their eyes off them. This is for the sole reason of the touch of fashion they may have in their protective gear. Even in the kind of motorcycle, they are the ones who purchase the motorcycles with some touch of graffiti or they go ahead and modify the color combination of the motorbikes.

What is the choice of a helmet for a fashion artist?

A helmet is a protective gear for any motorcyclist, although the fashionistas may not love it since it covers their fashion conceptsthey still can display their fashion skills on the helmets. Motorcycle helmet safety is something you cannot compromise in biking.

The shape of the helmet

In as much as you must wear a helmet, you cannot afford to compromise on style. Manufacturers understand this too well and go away from the norm of a circular helmet but also get an oval open-air helmet which still will protect you and also take care of strong winds and dust while biking.

Use of color on the helmets

An ordinary person may not like a colored helmet. A fashion artist will not mind this. The use of color combination is the best way to include fashion in the biking industry. The choice of color should go hand in handy with the pants to avoid a color clash in the entire dressing code.

Additional features

A fashion artist will not just purchase a helmet; when you go to the helmet store you get complicated helmets and you wonder who on earth will wear such a helmet. That is not meant for you it is for the people in the fashion world. Some of the features include wireless gadgets supported on the helmets and colored strapping among others.


The front part of the helmet must have a glass to protect the eyes from strong winds, dust and pollen grains. Moreover, it should also be transparent to allow proper vision. This is an area the manufacturer add some touch of fashion by using some complicated glasses that reflect but does not compromise on the vision.

Inner cushion

Although a fashion artist may not have a say on the type of material, their helmets have a better and complex presentation even when it comes to the inner cushion. You may find that it is of different color and even the way it is displayed on the helmet it is a little bit different.

The fashion world needs creativity and innovation to impress these people who are specific on their outlook. Helmet manufacturers need to fill this gap in the market to increase their revenues. Just like the music artists they need to be unique in everything including their protective wear and also the nature and type of bike they use.

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