Bocci’s Award Winning Designs

By: Katerina

Date: December 3, 2019

When it comes to fashion design then you cannot fail to mention Katerina Bocci. This is an award-winning designer who dresses and manages the fashion designs of renowned celebrities. Bocci’s designs are household names that everyone wants to associate with. This is a designer who has dressed who is who in this continent. This includes the former First Lady of the United States- Michelle Obama.

More about Katerina Bocci

Katerina was born in Albanian but relocated t the United States in 2001. It is through her creations that made her famous in the fashion industry within a short time. She has the best public relations one may wish to see. This is the main reason that she takes pride in customer loyalty which enhances her fashion business. In 2007, she launched an evening wear fashion week in New York that got many views and contacts that she still maintained to date. This is a household name when it comes to fashion. We cannot fail to mention the bridal collection launch that brought to perspective pf the fact that the handwoven bridal gowns still have a market in the modern fashion industry. The fact that she used pure silk, rosettes, and hand-woven laces gave enthusiasts in the fashion industry thought of what it entails to be unique and original in fashion design.

Katerina personalizes fashion in that even if she is to dress celebrities going to the same event, you will not notice that all the clothes are from one designer. She is multitalented in this technical industry.

When you approach her for a bridal gown then there is a unique question that she has to ask you to prove your desire. This is “ describe your dream bridal gown right from childhood” This is a quote that she uses to entice your level of fashion as well as get your taste to tailor it to what you need for your big day. You cannot get disappointed by Katerina when it comes to fashion. She is not specialized in specific fashion wear. This is the reason she is referred to as a multi-talented fashionista.

One thing that all her clients praise her for is the fact that she used purely cotton fabric unless a customer states otherwise. She also takes care of the environment using the eco-friendly fabrics that she is used to, not to mention the perfect liners that came with her dresses. This is a perfect example of a fashion designer who has a passion for her job. It is through the work that she has demanded from the high-end clients which come in handy to improve her profile in the industry. When looking for premium fashion designs then Katerina Bocci cannot fail to be part of the list. This is simply because it has been proven and tested that the work of her hands is beyond measure. This is one designer that you cannot afford to bargain when it comes to her designs. You just find yourself sacrificing for you get the best out of it.

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