10 Accessorizing Tips for Brides and Bridal Stylists

By: Katerina

Date: September 16, 2020

Weddings are easily one of the most anticipated events in a person’s life, and it’s normal to want everything to be perfect. However, though perfection is not usually possible, the correct details’ alignment can bring us closer to our desire. Such features would include the wedding venue designs, the menu, and various outfits. One essential element of the bride’s attire is the use of accessories.

The Need for Accessorizing

People say that accessories are secondary aspects of clothing. However, we believe that they are essential to make up an outfit. Hence, the look is barely complete without them. Fashion designers and bloggers like Katerina Bocci can’t overstate the need for accessorizing, especially for a bride on her big day. One fashion blogger likens them to punctuations in writing.

Punctuating your clothes with the right accessories highlights the details and accentuates your style. It’s easy for the brides to focus more on the dress and overlook jewelry until they finalize everything. However, that shouldn’t be the case as they contribute to creating a unique presentation for each bride. Hence, it’d be best to consider them with the dress.

Various Bridal Accessories

To be an excellent stylist or run a fashion store successfully, you must appropriately combine various bridal accessories. That’s because there are several of them, and it’s possible to lose their essence while trying to use too many. In no particular order, the first category contains the headpieces. They include decorative combs, fascinators, tiaras, and veils.

The second category is that of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Many other essentials can’t necessarily be categorized. They include the shoes, garter, lingerie, and, most importantly, the bridal purse. Your purse mustn’t be too small to be easily misplaced.

Bridal Accessorizing Tips

The fashion market is replete with exquisite bridal jewelry and accessory collections. Nevertheless, the key to getting the best out of them is to know how to use them appropriately. As a bride or bridal stylist, figure out what works for you or your clients and build on that. Remember that it’s the little details that complete the overall beauty. To help you, we’ll discuss some tips below.

1.   Have a Budget

For any project, budgets are essential considerations, and an example is your wedding. Some people get scared of making a budget because they think it limits the possibility of achieving their dreams. Yet, that’s not necessarily true. Instead, it gives a target of the price range you’re working with and helps you maximize it to get the best. Even if your wedding funds are large, allocate a budget to accessories to prevent splurging.

2.   Complement the Dress

Every bride knows how difficult it can be to find the right dress. Hence, it’s essential that once you have it, you don’t do anything that’ll mar its glory on that day. They should complement the fabric, neckline, shape, length, and style to bring out the best dress and not outshine it. Having them struggle for attention individually creates a chaotic look.

3.   Hairstyle is Important

By now, you should understand that every area matters, including the hair. Hence, it’s best to decide on the hairstyle before concluding on jewelry. That’s because certain hairstyles can determine the type you’d be able to use. For example, wearing your hair down or loose would call for smaller earrings while updos require drooping earrings.

4.   Factor in Comfort

As with most fashion items, you should be comfortable in them. Making a statement is nice, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your contentment. Depending on the venue and type of wedding you’re having, it might be a long day. Therefore, you’d want things that you can wear for an extended period without getting irritable. However, you could arrange to have something more comfortable to change into much later.

5.   Consider Colors Carefully

Color coordination is essential to create aesthetically pleasing effects. Hence, there must be appropriate color matching for all the accessories chosen. Consider the wedding theme colors, the bouquet, the color of your dress, and all the other peripheries. However, while trying to coordinate, ensure that you don’t end up with a matchy-matchy theme.

6.   Go with the Current Trends

This tip is vital because trendy things are easier to find when shopping. That doesn’t mean it has to be fresh on the market, but something that’s befitting for the period you find yourself. Hence, it’s best to look up fashion and trends for the current year. For example, someone planning a wedding this year would check out the bridal trends for 2020.

7.   Read Bridal Magazines and Blogs

One of the primary things brides do is get a collection of magazines for inspiration. So this tip is something most people already do as an unwritten rule. However, the emphasis is necessary because it’s from these magazines and blogs that you get ideas. It’s those ideas that you then build upon to decide what accessories you want and work for your style.

8.   Use the Accessories at Your Dress Fitting

As said earlier, it’s a fact that most people value the dress above all else. In line with that, they believe that dress fittings should only be for the dress. However, it would be best if the final dress fittings simulate your wedding look as much as possible. You can skip the makeup, and you don’t need a professional hairdo for the fitting. The aim is to get the overall look and be sure it works.

9.   Strive for a Personal Touch

Though we advise following trends and drawing inspiration from others, it’s crucial to put your spin on things. The fine details matter, and it provides you with a uniqueness that adds memorability to your wedding. Choose pieces that mean something to you, your significant other, the both of you, or even your family. That way, you make it something that’s yours alone.

10. Buy Items with Significance to You

Beyond complementing your dress and making a fashion statement, the accessories you choose must be significant to you. What we mean by that is they must be things you like and can reuse after the big day. Also, people believe that wedding attires are automatic heirlooms, so yours must be things you can preserve and pass down someday if you wish. When buying online or using your cards or even cash, be careful with what you are using as identity theft is now rampant. It would really if you have the best identity theft protection for safety. You would not want your buying experience traumatic, don’t you?

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