Medical jewelry provides a fast and useful way to transmit all types of critical data regarding ailments such as allergies, diabetes, as well as contact data Although most smartphones today come with a medical identity app, as an individual who has struggled with allergies, I prefer having a distinctive life alert alternative that medical personnel or Emergency Medical Teams to locate instantly in case of an emergency. Furthermore, technology is characterized by glitches or even scenarios where devices run out of power. This aspect explains why I always don my medical bracelet to serve as a life alert alternative to my smartphone’s medical ID application.

However, when I am buying something to do, the primary consideration is to ensure that it is a natural fit for my wardrobe choices. Essentially, any individual that has attempted to procure medial jewelry can attest to the fact that most of the designs are either hideous or too trendy to fit your personal fashion style. The outcome of this struggle is often avoiding buying medical jewelry altogether. The good news is that with the advancements being realized in every sector including the fashion industry, the variety of choices one has improved in recent years. Practical, but trendy life alert alternatives are available today, with Road ID being the first option that comes to mind.

Unfortunately, premium fashion designers are yet to catch up with the medical jewelry trend. Nonetheless, if you had a choice to pick a life alert alternative that is simple, and inexpensive, here are some options you can consider to use as your medical partner.

  • The Classic Bracelet This life alert alternative was produced by Lauren’s Hope fashion designers. The primary reason why you should consider it is the fact that individuals without a medical background cannot determine that this fashion accessory is a medical bracelet. It allows you to store a lot of information, in addition to the fact that its extensive width means that you receive plenty of character space to utilize. You can also pair it with big cuffs to make it look like a deliberate fashion accessory. Lauren’s Hope Classic Bracelet is your ideal medical partner and it will only cost you $45.99.
  • The Pendant Necklace Fashion designers at Etsy are aware of your need for fashionable life alert alternatives. Their pendant necklace that goes for $38.25 gives you a medical partner that pairs seamlessly with most wardrobe choices. Furthermore, pendants have never gone out of style. This accessory has a medical partner logo stamped on the front and gives you a chance to engrave necessary information in the back. However, space is limited because it allows just a small amount of words or the inclusion of emergency contact details.
  • Modern Piece Silicone bands have flooded the market. However, it is difficult to get one that was developed without considering kid wearers. Amazon fashion designers came up with a silicone band that is both sleek and ubiquitous. Most people don FitBits and Amazon’s Modern Piece that retails at $10.99 offers secretive life alert alternative.

Closing Statement

If you had a choice to pick a life alert alternative that will fit your wardrobe needs, the three choices highlighted should be at the top of your list.

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