Bocci’s Award Winning Designs

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When it comes to fashion design then you cannot fail to mention Katerina Bocci. This is an award-winning designer who dresses and manages the fashion designs of renowned celebrities. Bocci’s designs are household names that everyone wants to associate with. This is a designer who has dressed who is who in this continent. This includes the former First Lady of the United States- Michelle Obama.

More about Katerina Bocci

Katerina was born in Albanian but relocated t the United States in 2001. It is through her creations that made her famous in the fashion industry within a short time. She has the best public relations one may wish to see. This is the main reason that she takes pride in customer loyalty which enhances her fashion business. In 2007, she launched an evening wear fashion week in New York that got many views and contacts that she still maintained to date. This is a household name when it comes to fashion. We cannot fail to mention the bridal collection launch that brought to perspective pf the fact that the handwoven bridal gowns still have a market in the modern fashion industry. The fact that she used pure silk, rosettes, and hand-woven laces gave enthusiasts in the fashion industry thought of what it entails to be unique and original in fashion design.

Katerina personalizes fashion in that even if she is to dress celebrities going to the same event, you will not notice that all the clothes are from one designer. She is multitalented in this technical industry.

When you approach her for a bridal gown then there is a unique question that she has to ask you to prove your desire. This is “ describe your dream bridal gown right from childhood” This is a quote that she uses to entice your level of fashion as well as get your taste to tailor it to what you need for your big day. You cannot get disappointed by Katerina when it comes to fashion. She is not specialized in specific fashion wear. This is the reason she is referred to as a multi-talented fashionista.

One thing that all her clients praise her for is the fact that she used purely cotton fabric unless a customer states otherwise. She also takes care of the environment using the eco-friendly fabrics that she is used to, not to mention the perfect liners that came with her dresses. This is a perfect example of a fashion designer who has a passion for her job. It is through the work that she has demanded from the high-end clients which come in handy to improve her profile in the industry. When looking for premium fashion designs then Katerina Bocci cannot fail to be part of the list. This is simply because it has been proven and tested that the work of her hands is beyond measure. This is one designer that you cannot afford to bargain when it comes to her designs. You just find yourself sacrificing for you get the best out of it.

10 Accessorizing Tips for Brides and Bridal Stylists

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Weddings are easily one of the most anticipated events in a person’s life, and it’s normal to want everything to be perfect. However, though perfection is not usually possible, the correct details’ alignment can bring us closer to our desire. Such features would include the wedding venue designs, the menu, and various outfits. One essential element of the bride’s attire is the use of accessories.

The Need for Accessorizing

People say that accessories are secondary aspects of clothing. However, we believe that they are essential to make up an outfit. Hence, the look is barely complete without them. Fashion designers and bloggers like Katerina Bocci can’t overstate the need for accessorizing, especially for a bride on her big day. One fashion blogger likens them to punctuations in writing.

Punctuating your clothes with the right accessories highlights the details and accentuates your style. It’s easy for the brides to focus more on the dress and overlook jewelry until they finalize everything. However, that shouldn’t be the case as they contribute to creating a unique presentation for each bride. Hence, it’d be best to consider them with the dress.

Various Bridal Accessories

To be an excellent stylist or run a fashion store successfully, you must appropriately combine various bridal accessories. That’s because there are several of them, and it’s possible to lose their essence while trying to use too many. In no particular order, the first category contains the headpieces. They include decorative combs, fascinators, tiaras, and veils.

The second category is that of jewelry like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Many other essentials can’t necessarily be categorized. They include the shoes, garter, lingerie, and, most importantly, the bridal purse. Your purse mustn’t be too small to be easily misplaced.

Bridal Accessorizing Tips

The fashion market is replete with exquisite bridal jewelry and accessory collections. Nevertheless, the key to getting the best out of them is to know how to use them appropriately. As a bride or bridal stylist, figure out what works for you or your clients and build on that. Remember that it’s the little details that complete the overall beauty. To help you, we’ll discuss some tips below.

1.   Have a Budget

For any project, budgets are essential considerations, and an example is your wedding. Some people get scared of making a budget because they think it limits the possibility of achieving their dreams. Yet, that’s not necessarily true. Instead, it gives a target of the price range you’re working with and helps you maximize it to get the best. Even if your wedding funds are large, allocate a budget to accessories to prevent splurging.

2.   Complement the Dress

Every bride knows how difficult it can be to find the right dress. Hence, it’s essential that once you have it, you don’t do anything that’ll mar its glory on that day. They should complement the fabric, neckline, shape, length, and style to bring out the best dress and not outshine it. Having them struggle for attention individually creates a chaotic look.

3.   Hairstyle is Important

By now, you should understand that every area matters, including the hair. Hence, it’s best to decide on the hairstyle before concluding on jewelry. That’s because certain hairstyles can determine the type you’d be able to use. For example, wearing your hair down or loose would call for smaller earrings while updos require drooping earrings.

4.   Factor in Comfort

As with most fashion items, you should be comfortable in them. Making a statement is nice, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your contentment. Depending on the venue and type of wedding you’re having, it might be a long day. Therefore, you’d want things that you can wear for an extended period without getting irritable. However, you could arrange to have something more comfortable to change into much later.

5.   Consider Colors Carefully

Color coordination is essential to create aesthetically pleasing effects. Hence, there must be appropriate color matching for all the accessories chosen. Consider the wedding theme colors, the bouquet, the color of your dress, and all the other peripheries. However, while trying to coordinate, ensure that you don’t end up with a matchy-matchy theme.

6.   Go with the Current Trends

This tip is vital because trendy things are easier to find when shopping. That doesn’t mean it has to be fresh on the market, but something that’s befitting for the period you find yourself. Hence, it’s best to look up fashion and trends for the current year. For example, someone planning a wedding this year would check out the bridal trends for 2020.

7.   Read Bridal Magazines and Blogs

One of the primary things brides do is get a collection of magazines for inspiration. So this tip is something most people already do as an unwritten rule. However, the emphasis is necessary because it’s from these magazines and blogs that you get ideas. It’s those ideas that you then build upon to decide what accessories you want and work for your style.

8.   Use the Accessories at Your Dress Fitting

As said earlier, it’s a fact that most people value the dress above all else. In line with that, they believe that dress fittings should only be for the dress. However, it would be best if the final dress fittings simulate your wedding look as much as possible. You can skip the makeup, and you don’t need a professional hairdo for the fitting. The aim is to get the overall look and be sure it works.

9.   Strive for a Personal Touch

Though we advise following trends and drawing inspiration from others, it’s crucial to put your spin on things. The fine details matter, and it provides you with a uniqueness that adds memorability to your wedding. Choose pieces that mean something to you, your significant other, the both of you, or even your family. That way, you make it something that’s yours alone.

10. Buy Items with Significance to You

Beyond complementing your dress and making a fashion statement, the accessories you choose must be significant to you. What we mean by that is they must be things you like and can reuse after the big day. Also, people believe that wedding attires are automatic heirlooms, so yours must be things you can preserve and pass down someday if you wish. When buying online or using your cards or even cash, be careful with what you are using as identity theft is now rampant. It would really if you have the best identity theft protection for safety. You would not want your buying experience traumatic, don’t you?

Wedding Dress Fashion and Trends for 2020

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Women tying the knot in 2020 have plenty of styles to choose from. There are plenty of bows, colorful gowns, pantsuits, and floral embroidery. Furthermore, the wedding fashion industry is becoming more liberated and democratic. That is, of course, in addition to the ongoing popularity of multiple bridal ensembles.

From bold color to unique necklines, these are the looks that will bring your big day to the next level.

Pearl Embellishments

After finding your dream wedding dress, it’s time to think about adding embellishments. Bows, dots, and pearls are a trending embellishment in bridal designs. Bridal designers are using pearls in totally different and unexpected ways.

To cover the hair, a bride can wear a turban with pearl stones. These pearl elements also look especially nice along the bust and bodice. For a more casual bridal look, wear a wedding dress with crystal embellishments.

Metallic Details

Metallic shades are currently everywhere, many with a liquid look.  They are not overwhelming but still cinch the ultimate in wedding glamour.

A gown with metallic details is a dream wedding dress choice for the bride looking to make a statement. This year’s most popular metallic colors include gold, rose gold, and silver.

Your wedding dress can also be adorned with tiny metallic studs along the bodice and back. Alternatively, you can wear a high-wattage metallic blouse with classic suiting.

Italian Influences

The ancient Roman fashion set the standard for present-day Italian culture. By sheer coincidence, the main wedding gown trends in 2020 have many Italian features.

Italian fashion is not about too much layering. For instance, Bletilla’s trumpet silhouette is paired with an elegant lace cap sleeve bodice.

The wedding pantsuit is another Italian wedding trend that is slowly creeping into the industry. This pantsuit can add the finishing touches to any culturally oriented wedding.

Floral Prints

There is no doubt that wedding fashion favors the floral print this time of year. A floral print will be just as commanding as your standard gown. The floral trend continues from previous years with watercolor-inspired prints, gorgeous graphic patterns, and playful floral embellishments.

They are ultra-feminine, cute, and trendy. If you are not into floral gowns, then the ideal approach is to wear floral print on your accessories.

One Shoulder Necklines

An off-shoulder neckline is a wide-open neckline exposing the shoulders. The off-shoulder necklines have regained massive popularity. This is a favorite style that incorporates a band across the shoulders.

It works best for those with small to medium busts and slender shoulders. You can opt for a braided bun to keep your look interesting and captivating. For instance, the sweetheart neckline is a wedding dress with head to toe beading.

Naked Backs

The naked back dress even made its way on the reality TV catwalk recently.

While they may not always make the best-dressed list, they are becoming a favorite of bridal designers. The dresses are also affordable, with some collections having the same price tags as powering appliances.

Lela Rose

Lela Rose didn’t always have aspirations of designing wedding dresses. However, her collection is now internationally recognized, with a devoted following from celebrities. Timeless, light gowns that give the nod towards modern trends are her signature.

Lela Rose’s Fall 2020 Collection is imagined as a perfect bouquet.

Her wedding designs focus on embellished fabrics and unique details. She manages to use her fabric flows by embellishing a long-coat with metallic fringes. She also has done lots of pretty caplets and bridal tops this season.

Rime Arodaky

Rime Arokady wedding dresses are a hot trend. She is one of the designers breaking away from the popular rules of wedding dress design.

Rime Arodaky is challenging the norms of wedding dresses with her rock ‘n’ roll style. She wants to offer brides bold, fashion-forward options. Her 2020 collection is perfect for the classic bride who wants to inspire and tell a story through fresh detail. Rime Arodaky has proved that sophistication, elegance, and sexy can all be wrapped up into one wedding dress.

Enjoy Your Big Day

Fashion changes, as do wedding dress trends. At the same time, there’s a lot that goes into wedding planning. But for 2020, you can find subtle pleating on everything from silk to tulle.

Essentials to Starting a Fashion Store in Your Town

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The fashion industry is a business that’s always high in the market. Clothing is a basic need, and everybody needs some.

People’s tastes vary, and they’re so many fashions being produced daily. Trendy fashion is an important aspect to keep in mind if you intend to open a fashion store.

There are many trends, and you must keep up to the desires of your customers to be on top of the game. Many people are investing in buying fashionable clothes.

According to statistics, the fashion industry is worth 2.5 trillion dollars globally, and in America alone in 2017, consumers spent about 380 billion dollars on footwear and apparel.

There are important things that you need to run your store smoothly and in a convenient way that’ll see your business growing. Here’re the essentials for starting a fashion store in your town:

8 Must-Haves to Open and Run a Successful Fashion Business Store

1. A bathroom/changing room

Customers like trying the clothes that they intend to buy so that they can be sure that they’re walking out with the right clothes. It would help if you had a changing room in your store, where any customer who wishes to try their chosen clothing can do so with ease.

Your changing room, or bathroom, whichever you choose, should be appealing and show your taste of fashion so that it appears attractive.

Remember to provide mirrors in your store where clients can see themselves trying the fashionable outfits that you are selling. You can also use room dividers or curtains to close areas where clothes can be tried.

If you include a bathroom in your store, make sure it’s fitted with water heaters and water softeners. Tankless water heaters are designed for commercial and residential applications to ensure that your customers have access to hot water after using the bathroom.

On the other hand, water softeners would ensure that your store has access to soft water free from minerals and their negative effects.

2. Capital

Every startup needs capital. Make sure that you have the right amount to start a fashion store that’ll attract many customers.

Invest well in your store and provide what your clients need. Sell fashionable quality outfits, and you will be sure to get many customers.

You will need enough money to invest in inventory, insurance, fashion equipment, and maybe payroll if you have employees.

If you’re looking forward to renting a store, you’ll also need finance. Plan well and get the right amounts to start a quality fashion store.

3. A strategic business location

Location is everything. You could have the best fashion store, but where it’s located inconveniences your customers, making them choose another place.

Strategic business locations are good because your fashion store gets to attract many clients. You’re also able to transport supplies to your store easily.

One of the best decisions you can ever make when opening your fashion store is picking a strategic location. It increases your consumer base.

4. Suppliers for the Things to Sell

Fashion suppliers are crucial to your business. It would be best if you had enough supply, equipment, and material to start a fashion business. Pick a supplier that offers quality and fashionable goods at a fair price.

Many suppliers may be willing to supply you with clothes and shoes at a good price. However, it’s good to choose the one with authentic and top quality products.

Develop a keen sense of fashion. Invest in quality and trendy designs if you want to make good profits.

5. Well-placed designer storages

You can’t display all your clothes for sale at once. You’ll need a place to keep the extra supplies that you have. You can invest in well-designed shelves or any other storage unit that’s fashionable.

Store your supplies well and display those that are trending at that given moment.

6. Marketing

You need to invest in marketing your fashion store. You can use social media or a good website for advertising your store. You can also ask satisfied customers who have tried your fashionable outfits to give reviews of your store.

The quality and trendiness of your supplies will also play a significant role in marketing your fashion store.

7. Legal structure

To start any business, you need to comply with your state’s requirements. Apply for a fashion store license and follow the necessary legal steps to ensure that your store is registered with the town administration.

8. Qualified staff

If you intend to hire some staff to run your fashion store, they must be qualified to ensure efficient operations at your store. Hire the right people, and if you can get an experienced salesperson, the better.


The fashion industry is continuing to grow, and its worth is expected to reach about 3 trillion dollars by 2030.

Investing in a fashion store can be profitable if you plan well and if your business hits the market. However, there are factors that you must put into considerations in order to run a fashion store.

What you Need to Know About: Lifestyle Tips for Models

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For a long time, models have been known to be small in size. That is a myth. Anyone can be a model as long as you have the passion.

Although some modeling agencies are specific depending on the purpose in which they want the model.

 It doesn’t mean people with meat can’t slay in heels. Whether you are a plus size or a small size, modeling is a career for all.

The difference is in your mind. Now the big question is, how can you stay fit as a model?

That healthy body is a result of healthy living. You must be in shape to be attractive in a cover magazine.

Moreover, it would help if you also were fit to swing in heels on the dais. To achieve all these, you need a wholesome approach to healthy living. Your emotional, physical, and social health need to be on point.  

Healthy living is not all about diet. A lot comes with it. Some include

With all these characteristics, what will you achieve as a model?

  • Toned body
  • Glowing skin
  • Great posture
  • Maintain a natural size
  • Always looking young

Let’s go straight to the point …

What you need to know about healthy tips for models

  1. Enroll in a workout program

Plus-size models tend to work hard to have a standard size of a model. Some of the bodyweights could be genetic making, and the more you train to lose it is, the more you gain.

Therefore, talk to your fitness instructor and have an intimate discussion on what is workable for you.

You don’t do this for the modeling career; it’s for your good. Don’t overstrain in the name of modeling.

  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet

Most models starve to prevent excess fat on their bodies. Some go an extra mile to swallow slimming pills for the same purpose.

 Is it worth it? Nutritionists advocate for other dietary tips rather than the crash weight loss programs.

You need the energy, and the only way to get it is from the food you eat. Models should exercise proper weight loss measures to have the desired weight. Here are a few of them

  • Minimize intake of fast foods, keep it once a week
  • Avoid the soft drinks
  • Replace refined snacks with fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise portion control
  • Eat proteins for energy instead of carbohydrates
  • Cook from home and avoid restaurant foods
  • Carry homemade meals to work to prevent temptations
  • Engage in activities that improve your mood

Did you know that when you are in a bad mood, it reflects on your body? Leave the physical outlook; you can’t get that desired glowing skin when not at peace with yourself.

Life can be hard. Models get it rough. The high expectations and the hassle of getting the desired brand ambassador deal are enough to destroy your mood.

Such scenarios are unpreventable, but you have control over whether it affects you or not. The best thing is to relax and meditate on the positives about the career.

Get enough rest, when in that mood, switch on the fan. The cool breezes you want to get to the beach have it at home.

The excellent air circulation is a feel-good stimulant. Get one with a sleek space-saving design with LED lights of different colors to boost your mood.

  • Minimize stress and anxiety

What is beyond your control, leave it for the Supreme Being. Models should invest in a sound social support system to offer a shoulder to lean on to reduces stress levels.

Counseling psychologists better handle the anxiety associated with models; it has a way of affecting your performance as a model.

You can’t give your best when you are stressed.

One side effect of stress is the ability to drive you to other unhealthy lifestyle practices, which further cause an emotional drain.

Models need proper emotional health to think straight and also to have that lean body.

  • Get enough sleep

As simple as it sounds, sleep is vital in any human, not only models. The reduction of stress and relaxing experience models can be achieved through a kind and sweet sleep.

It comes with many benefits relevant to a model. Here are but a few

  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves one’s mood
  • Aids in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Boosts one’s memory- emotional health
  • Allows the body to rejuvenate after a hard day’s work

What hinders you from achieving the desired weight either as a small size or plus-size model?

Is it your lifestyle or poor choices you make in life? Whatever the reason, it’s not yet late. You can still be your model dream girl and appear in top fashion magazines as a cover model. You have the keys to be what you want to be in the fashion industry.

Using Food as Inspiration to Create Remarkable Fashion Designs

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Fashion trends change regularly. Fashion has also gone beyond providing the basic need for clothing. It has become an expression of personalities, beliefs, and creativity. It reflects the minds of the designer at a particular time.

What then happens when designers run out of ideas to create remarkable designs? Some designers turn to magazines or galleries for inspiration, which might be helpful. Some others look for rare forms of inspiration like food.

Fashion and food seem like two different human needs with no similarity. Yet, the use of food as an inspiration for designing has been popular for a while now. New design pieces are coming up daily, blending food and fashion in a fun way.

Food-inspired Clothing

Some designers go out of the way to create clothes made out of real food. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is an example. While you may not want to go out wearing actual food, you can express your love for food through creative designs.

For instance, your favorite keto snack doesn’t just add flavor to your taste buds. It can also inspire you to purchase an outfit with an “I’m keto and loving it” slogan. There are also clothes with beautiful graphics of pasta, burger, and donuts.

Food-related Accessories

People are beginning to wear food-related accessories as well. Some of these accessories include earrings inspired by Oreos, Chilli, and sushi. You can also find necklaces inspired by pizza, spaghetti, and Quail egg.

Other food-related accessories include popcorn purse, ice cream studs, watermelon ring, pretzel necklace, and kiwi wristwatch. There are also numerous backpacks, phone cases, and bracelets with food-like designs.

Food and Footwear

From sneakers to flip flops and Crocs, the food wearing trend has gotten to the footwear industry. It could be actual food designs or just beautiful color representations of your favorite food on the footwear. Wearing food as footwear is a bold fashion statement. Footwear designers like Nike and Adidas have partnered with the food and drink industry to create unique designs for food enthusiasts.

Notable Food-inspired Designs

Chanel Lait de Coco

Chanel has the grocery themed Lait de Coco bag, which first debuted in 2014. A milk carton inspired the bag’s look, and it has a metallic goatskin design. It’s very classy, and the bag itself is easy to take out from day till night.


Moschino offers the Happy Meal Leather Shoulder Bag inspired by McDonald’s Happy Meal box. The bag could easily be mistaken for the Meal box if not for the chain and shoulder strap. Moschino also debuted a French pie iPhone cover as an ode to McDonald’s.

Forever 21 and Taco Bell

The teen’s outfitter, Forever 21, collaborated with Taco Bell to release a ‘fast food fast show’ collection. This collection includes cropped hoodies and bodysuit for women. It also consists of a pullover, hoodie, and tees for girls. The men’s collection features a colorful and illustrated sweatshirt, hoodie, and anorak jacket.

Besides its collaboration with Forever 21, Taco Bell has also teamed up with socks brand The Hundred to release a line of socks. The hundreds packed the socks as burritos, which was very creative. Taco Bell also has a range of food-inspired clothing, hat, fancy pack, water bottle, and sunglasses.


In 2017, the sneakers maker unveiled a collection of food-themed sneakers in collaboration with Refinery29. This collection included a pepperoni pie inspired sneakers, a lobster shoe, cheese shoe, shrimp and grits and shoe, and a Memphis star barbecue shoe.


Nike has unveiled a dessert inspired sneakers and a chicken and waffles sneakers in the past. Some of its other food-inspired collections include Nike Whataburger sneakers, Etom Mess shoe, Krispy Kreme’s Basketball shoe, Nike Heineken sneakers, and Nike Starbucks inspired coffee dunks.

In 2017, Nike SB teamed up with Momofuku restaurant group, to release a limited edition of Nike SB Dunk High Pro. The sneakers had the restaurant’s peach logo and a dark denim color based on the aprons its kitchen staff wear.


Over the years, Coca-Cola has teamed up with several fashion brands to create unique designs. Some of these designs include sneakers, t-shirts, caps, hoodies, varsity jackets, tracksuits, and sweatshirts.

One of its famous collaborations was with notable designer KITH, to produce a Chuck Taylor’s All-Star 70’s Converse. Other designers it has worked with include Neighborhood, ZOZOTOWN, Undercover, and A Bathing Ape.

Madewell and Milk Bar

Madewell is a women’s clothing company that teamed up with Milk Bar Bakery to design a five-piece capsule collection. The collection includes a denim apron, a cookie pocket tee, cookie-patterned bandana, and the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.


Fashion designers have found a way to create a common ground with food enthusiasts. Inspiration from food has birthed many out-of-the-box designs in clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Now, food is not only for satisfying your cravings, but it has become a fashion item also.

Food incorporation has also given brands a way of gaining customers’ attention. By giving them fashion items that they can relate with, brands engage consumers from different parts of the world.

How to Run a Fashion Retail Store Successfully

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Running a fashion retail shop like any other business requires you to put the vitals in place to stand a chance at survival. A successful fashion business goes beyond just setting up a store and putting wares into the store.

There are factors you must consider if you intend to run a fashion retail store successfully. Market competition, positioning your store, and customer traffic would be part of your paramount concerns.

Here we’ve put a couple of points together to help you successfully start and run a fashion retail store.

A Business Plan

The survival or otherwise of any business hinges so much on its business plan. Your business does not start with raising huge funds and renting large business spaces. Setting out your entire business on paper is the right place to start.

A business plan goes beyond just the surface. Consider mapping your business days, business hours, your target market, who’ll be your staff, and other little details. Your business plan is that detailed document that covers your whats, wheres, whens, whys, and hows.

Also, your business plan should cover factors like

  • The goals and objectives of your business
  • Your management structure
  • An overview of your products
  • A market analysis that includes details of your competitors
  • Financial statements of your income and expenditure expectations
  • Your detailed marketing and advertising strategy

Starting on the right footing is essential for business success, and a detailed business plan will help you achieve it.

Find the Right Business Space

Choosing a suitable business location is one of the right steps towards business success. It makes no sense to open for business and have no customers coming in, all because you’re in the wrong location.

A location with a high traffic count is ideal. Your retail shop would perform better if it’s close to another non-competitive retail shop. The retail shop will help draw more foot counts to your business and increase your sales opportunity.

Besides a location with high walk-in traffic, consider the size of your shop, and facilities available. Look for a space large enough to contain everything you’ll want to have in stock, a storeroom, and other essentials.

Also, the demography of your store location will help you determine what to sell, and avoid having a high-end fashion shop in a low earning neighborhood.

Take Inventory and Keep Proper Account

Keeping and maintaining an account is generally essential in life, and can’t be overemphasized in a business. If you don’t have a record of what you earn and how much you spend monthly, it’ll be impossible to determine if you’re making a profit or not.

Take inventory of your business. Always keep track of what’s selling, what’s not, average turnover and the profit margin of your stock. Such records will help you make appropriate market adjustments.

Using technology to keep track and accounts of your business will make the entire process easy for you and also allows you to keep the most accurate records of your business.

Advertise and Advertise

Your fashion retail shop may be the best around town. But if you’re not making sales, you’re worse than that poorly equipped shop at the end of the city with regular customer visits. Your customers can only know what you’re doing when you let them know.

Advertising is very vital for any business. You must put words out there to let customers know you’re open and what you do. Identify your target market and find out the best channels of advertising.

You can’t overlook digital marketing in present-day advertising. It’s fast and affordable. Build a web and social media presence, grow your followership of potential customers, and keep them engaged. Digital marketing can announce your business even before you open your doors.

Use the Right Staffing

Building the right team is as important as opening up in a good location. Beyond getting customers, keeping and maintaining old customers is key to business success. Your team of employees can help make or mar this aspect of your business.

Your staff can help customers with their shopping. It’s commonplace to see customers finding it difficult to navigate through the store. This scenario, for instance, is a perfect opportunity to build a good customer relationship. Your team is responsible for making the shopping experience easy for customers.

Hiring a young group of lads interested in the fashion world, for instance, would have your team put in their best because they have a passion for the job they do.

Maintain Good Customer Service and Communication with Customers

Communication is essential for business success. Build excellent customer relationships by responding to inquiries and complaints. Excellent communication with your customers will foster good interpersonal relationship and have your customers coming back all the time.

Each customer is unique and vital, and it’s essential to protect their privacy while ensuring excellent service. Make use of suggestion boxes, for instance, to collect anonymous customer dissatisfaction, while preserving the identity of the customer. This method will tailor your customer service aright.

Provide Protection Against Theft

Nothing cripples a business faster than theft and loss. Take every step necessary to ensure you protect your store from any form of theft. Consider hiring a team of security experts to secure your business, particularly the cyber aspect.

Employ technology and security cameras to provide support for your security team, and effectively protect your business.

Successfully running a fashion retail store requires discipline, research, and consistent adaptation to new trends. Also, be conscious of upselling other products in your store to every customer that walks in. It’ll give your customers a sense of being valued. Finally, you must possess consistent character for success.

Fashion Designers Review: Pruvit KETO Benefits

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There is power in the food we consume, however, not everyone is privileged to have all the foods naturally. This is the reason why there are supplements to just get the right nutrient and at the right quantity. Pruvit KETO technological breakthrough is a component that has many health benefits. In most cases,  weight loss is one of the best benefits. The importance of this is that it has high fat and low-carb content. Fashion designers understand the reason why it is important to have a healthy weight of not a nice body shape. Have you gone to the boutique and you cannot get a cloth that fits you simply because of the shape. There are four main benefits of Pruvit KETO. They include

The increased amount of energy

Energy is what drives your body to manage the various mechanisms. The main function is that it alters the main body glucose dissolution. This is the fuel for your body. It is, therefore, comes in handy to prolong the rate at which you feel like eating. Moreover, it also works like fasting and this is the reason why you can manage the weight loss program.

Enhances the performance of an athlete

Energy is important even for an athlete. This is the energy that is got from the high-fat content as much as you have a low carbohydrate level in the body. This is a result of the two components which include endogenous and exogenous ketones. These are both natural products and nutritional supplement respectively.

Reduces the appetite

The moment you have an appetite then you need to forget about weight loss. This is what we talk about the prolonged fasting that works in the diet. It reduces the rate at which you long to take food. It works directly on the nervous system such that the brain automatically knows when to stimulate the body to get food or rather when to stop. You notice that when you are on this diet you tend to reach your fill faster hence minimizing the rate at which you even consume the junk food.

Stimulates mental functioning

Everybody activity starts in the brain. This diet works in such a way that it inhibits the production of glucose which is a carbohydrate. With this then its high-fat content some in handy to provide the deprived energy for normal body function including aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Although this is a process in which naturally it has its side effects, the other mineral component in the diet takes care of this. This diet is also responsible for the prevention of anxiety disorders as well as memory issues. Be sure that the mental performance as a result of consumption of this diet is

As much as there is deprivation of this important component then be sure that you will still maintain a healthy lifestyle with no illnesses.

Are you struggling to have a special diet with specific nutrients? Are you on a failing weight loss program? If yes then try this diet to enjoy its benefits as a fashion designer.

Rare Designed Helmet Collections for Fashion Artist

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A fashion artist is particular when it comes to the design of anything they possess. Imagine a fashion artist who is also a motorcyclist, this is one person who when on the road people cannot afford to take their eyes off them. This is for the sole reason of the touch of fashion they may have in their protective gear. Even in the kind of motorcycle, they are the ones who purchase the motorcycles with some touch of graffiti or they go ahead and modify the color combination of the motorbikes.

What is the choice of a helmet for a fashion artist?

A helmet is a protective gear for any motorcyclist, although the fashionistas may not love it since it covers their fashion conceptsthey still can display their fashion skills on the helmets. Motorcycle helmet safety is something you cannot compromise in biking.

The shape of the helmet

In as much as you must wear a helmet, you cannot afford to compromise on style. Manufacturers understand this too well and go away from the norm of a circular helmet but also get an oval open-air helmet which still will protect you and also take care of strong winds and dust while biking.

Use of color on the helmets

An ordinary person may not like a colored helmet. A fashion artist will not mind this. The use of color combination is the best way to include fashion in the biking industry. The choice of color should go hand in handy with the pants to avoid a color clash in the entire dressing code.

Additional features

A fashion artist will not just purchase a helmet; when you go to the helmet store you get complicated helmets and you wonder who on earth will wear such a helmet. That is not meant for you it is for the people in the fashion world. Some of the features include wireless gadgets supported on the helmets and colored strapping among others.


The front part of the helmet must have a glass to protect the eyes from strong winds, dust and pollen grains. Moreover, it should also be transparent to allow proper vision. This is an area the manufacturer add some touch of fashion by using some complicated glasses that reflect but does not compromise on the vision.

Inner cushion

Although a fashion artist may not have a say on the type of material, their helmets have a better and complex presentation even when it comes to the inner cushion. You may find that it is of different color and even the way it is displayed on the helmet it is a little bit different.

The fashion world needs creativity and innovation to impress these people who are specific on their outlook. Helmet manufacturers need to fill this gap in the market to increase their revenues. Just like the music artists they need to be unique in everything including their protective wear and also the nature and type of bike they use.


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This fashion age has witnessed persons going through hell on earth just to get that skinny look. Fashion designers have worked runway models with terrifying diets for their light body frames. Ranging from mostly drinking water to eating cotton balls. Garcinia cambogia, Malabar Tamarind, is a tropical fruit popularly used as a weight-loss supplement. Basically, it inhibits fat manufacturing and checks appetite. Also, checks blood sugar and cholesterol levels therefore, boosting body metabolism.

Why should Fashion models use Garcinia Cambogia?

  • It helps lose excess weight. Garcinia Cambogia extract often considered the answer for obesity. It helps reduce waist width, rids off belly fat and loses body weight fast and naturally. Obliviously, a low-calorie diet and workout should be incorporated. Also, Garcinia Cambogia also attacks fat already present, talk off killing two birds with one stone.
  • Greatly reduces appetites and rids off sugary food cravings. Emotional problems are a considerably huge factor in overeating. This consequently leads to weight gain. Garcinia Cambogia helps suppress huge appetites. It addresses the neurochemical imbalance that tend to result in emotional eating.
  • Curbs depression. HCA content in Garcinia Cambogia is able to elevate serotonin levels, feel-good hormones, lower cortisol levels, and subsequently lifting moods and self-worth.
  • Garcinia Cambogia is safe, vegan, and effective fruit extract. Marketed by SmartLife originates from the purest forms of Garcinia. The premium prescription contains the standardized HCA amount, 60%, without stimulants.
  • The product brand is the US made, and easy swallow. A bottle of Pure Garcinia contains 90 Capsules. The capsules are manufactured by SmartLife Nutrition in a GMP compliant, FDA inspected the facility to ensure only the best of the best quality. One of the mother company’s mission is to produce safe, naturally healthy, and 100% customer satisfaction.

How does Garcinia Cambogia work?

Hydroxycitric acid, HCA, is the key ingredient. It works by blocking enzyme citrate lyase, a body fat factor and raises levels of the brain chemical serotonin, responsible for hunger. It also raises body metabolism. Garcinia Cambogia is more effective when coupled with a lower-calorie diet and exercise programs. Garcinia Cambogia is associated with lower insulin levels and eases glucose breakdown into energy instead of storing it as fat. Do not mix with diabetes meds.

Medical research has shown that Garcinia cambogia can also improve good cholesterol levels. This is by lowering triglycerides and LDL and raising HDL

The common side effects of taking Garcinia Cambogia:

  • Dizziness.
  • General body dehydration.
  • Headache.
  • Stomach upset.

Safety precautions when taking Garcinia Cambogia. Garcinia cambogia should not be taken in case of the following conditions:

  • Exceeded amount.
  • Broken seal or none at all.
  • Persons under the age of 18. A little fat is recommendable for growing teenagers. Consult a physician or licensed qualified health care professional before using this product if
  • Suffering from asthma or under anti-allergens medication.
  • Sick from diabetes and hence using medicine such as insulin.
  • Have anemia hence, using Iron.
  • Pain relievers.
  • Have thyroid diseases.
  • Have heart-related diseases, seizure disorders, and are using anti-cholesterol drugs.
  • Under Psychiatric medications
  • Ailing from Glaucoma.
  • Taking warfarin
  • Kidney patients or having difficulties in urinating.
  • Prostrate enlargement.
  • Liver problems.
  • Pregnant.
  • Lactating Mothers.

Consumer advice:

Always read labels, warnings, and directions before you try it or consuming Garcinia Cambogia extracts. For additional information, please contact the manufacturer. The article is for reference purposes only Concurrently, sort for advice given by a physician or other licensed health-care professional for diagnosis.