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Fashion designers have to envision everything that goes before and after the designing process for footwear, clothing, and accessories. At the same time, they have to research, group and rearrange existing elements and ideas in the fashion industry. It is work that requires a great deal of creativity and focus.

Creative and artistic skills are essential in coming up with unique, beautiful products. Fashion designers need to have their creative juices flowing in order to create distinct finished products. Most fashion designers, however, face difficulties in sparking their creative ideas day in day out.

Fortunately, a simple beverage like coffee makes you be more creative with fashion design. Coffee not only increases your energy levels but also greatly influences your creative development process. For more health benefits, be sure to try the less acidic and antioxidant-rich, cold brew coffee. With an impressive cold brew maker, a fashion designer can fuel their much-needed creativity every day.

How coffee increases creativity for a fashion designer

Drinking coffee can stimulate your brain and unleash your creative, innovative side. The 3 main factors that affect a fashion designer’s creativity of are; Creative block, self-confidence and, initiative.

Creative Blocks

Creative block can be described as an impasse in which one loses their internal creativity. A designer suffering from creative block experiences a creative slowdown or is unable to produce new creative ideas altogether.

The blockade is the most harmful hindrance to a fashion designer’s creativity because it inhibits the development of creative ideas. It is a problem that plagues many fashion designers. Surprisingly, even most of the top fashion designers have long fought with creative block.

Creative blocks can be caused by a lack of focus or working under stress. Fortunately, coffee may be used to resolve the creative block. Coffee boosts brain function which helps your focus and concentration. Increased focus will improve your brain’s ability to generate more ideas.

The creative process of fashion designing requires observation, evaluation and the ability to capture several details at once. Coffee stimulates brain chemicals like dopamine and glutamate, which improves general mental performance and relieves stress. This, in turn, sharpens the imaginative abilities hence more creative ideas.


Fashion designers get occasional confidence knocks when their projects fail. Moreover, your skills and style will be criticized regularly by fashion critics. Nonetheless, you will have to regroup and get back on your feet if you are to achieve continued success in the fashion industry.

In addition, a lack of confidence negatively affects your creativity. A fashion designer needs to believe in themselves in order to put their ideas through the trials. The creative skills have to be combined with technical knowledge to create a distinct clothing product. With more confidence, you will be willing to experiment with new, creative ideas and translate those ideas into unique fashionable garments.

Many studies have shown that coffee increases self-confidence and optimism. Ian Robertson, a renowned neurophysiologist explains in his book ”The Winner Effect” that caffeine increases the DHT (dihydrotestosterone) hormone which is responsible for self-confidence.


Fashion designers are required to take charge of challenging projects. The demanding job requires one to continuously learn and produce new designs. To be a great creative designer, you should have the initiative to do more than is required.

Fashion design requires one to focus on fabric, texture, color, trends and much more, just for the initial designs and sketches. On top of that, you have to cohesively work with design assistants and other staff to get your desired results. Consequently, an initiative is required on every project you will work on.

Drinking coffee daily will work wonders in helping you take more initiative in your work. This is because coffee blocks the hormone adenosine, which inhibits mental stimulation. The adenosine hormone is blocked from infiltrating your body, providing increased energy levels and better reaction time.

It is no secret that other creatives such as writers and artists, coffee is a morning requirement every day. The morning coffee ritual helps them to be more initiative and makes their creative ideas flow easier.


A fashion designer’s balance of skills on each project is different. But one thing remains constant; the act of creating for a fashion designer needs constant creativity. Coffee, a simple and readily available beverage, may just be the perfect answer to the much-needed creativity for fashion designers.


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