Bocci’s Award Winning Designs

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When it comes to fashion design then you cannot fail to mention Katerina Bocci. This is an award-winning designer who dresses and manages the fashion designs of renowned celebrities. Bocci’s designs are household names that everyone wants to associate with. This is a designer who has dressed who is who in this continent. This includes the former First Lady of the United States- Michelle Obama.

More about Katerina Bocci

Katerina was born in Albanian but relocated t the United States in 2001. It is through her creations that made her famous in the fashion industry within a short time. She has the best public relations one may wish to see. This is the main reason that she takes pride in customer loyalty which enhances her fashion business. In 2007, she launched an evening wear fashion week in New York that got many views and contacts that she still maintained to date. This is a household name when it comes to fashion. We cannot fail to mention the bridal collection launch that brought to perspective pf the fact that the handwoven bridal gowns still have a market in the modern fashion industry. The fact that she used pure silk, rosettes, and hand-woven laces gave enthusiasts in the fashion industry thought of what it entails to be unique and original in fashion design.

Katerina personalizes fashion in that even if she is to dress celebrities going to the same event, you will not notice that all the clothes are from one designer. She is multitalented in this technical industry.

When you approach her for a bridal gown then there is a unique question that she has to ask you to prove your desire. This is “ describe your dream bridal gown right from childhood” This is a quote that she uses to entice your level of fashion as well as get your taste to tailor it to what you need for your big day. You cannot get disappointed by Katerina when it comes to fashion. She is not specialized in specific fashion wear. This is the reason she is referred to as a multi-talented fashionista.

One thing that all her clients praise her for is the fact that she used purely cotton fabric unless a customer states otherwise. She also takes care of the environment using the eco-friendly fabrics that she is used to, not to mention the perfect liners that came with her dresses. This is a perfect example of a fashion designer who has a passion for her job. It is through the work that she has demanded from the high-end clients which come in handy to improve her profile in the industry. When looking for premium fashion designs then Katerina Bocci cannot fail to be part of the list. This is simply because it has been proven and tested that the work of her hands is beyond measure. This is one designer that you cannot afford to bargain when it comes to her designs. You just find yourself sacrificing for you get the best out of it.

Using Food as Inspiration to Create Remarkable Fashion Designs

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Fashion trends change regularly. Fashion has also gone beyond providing the basic need for clothing. It has become an expression of personalities, beliefs, and creativity. It reflects the minds of the designer at a particular time.

What then happens when designers run out of ideas to create remarkable designs? Some designers turn to magazines or galleries for inspiration, which might be helpful. Some others look for rare forms of inspiration like food.

Fashion and food seem like two different human needs with no similarity. Yet, the use of food as an inspiration for designing has been popular for a while now. New design pieces are coming up daily, blending food and fashion in a fun way.

Food-inspired Clothing

Some designers go out of the way to create clothes made out of real food. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is an example. While you may not want to go out wearing actual food, you can express your love for food through creative designs.

For instance, your favorite keto snack doesn’t just add flavor to your taste buds. It can also inspire you to purchase an outfit with an “I’m keto and loving it” slogan. There are also clothes with beautiful graphics of pasta, burger, and donuts.

Food-related Accessories

People are beginning to wear food-related accessories as well. Some of these accessories include earrings inspired by Oreos, Chilli, and sushi. You can also find necklaces inspired by pizza, spaghetti, and Quail egg.

Other food-related accessories include popcorn purse, ice cream studs, watermelon ring, pretzel necklace, and kiwi wristwatch. There are also numerous backpacks, phone cases, and bracelets with food-like designs.

Food and Footwear

From sneakers to flip flops and Crocs, the food wearing trend has gotten to the footwear industry. It could be actual food designs or just beautiful color representations of your favorite food on the footwear. Wearing food as footwear is a bold fashion statement. Footwear designers like Nike and Adidas have partnered with the food and drink industry to create unique designs for food enthusiasts.

Notable Food-inspired Designs

Chanel Lait de Coco

Chanel has the grocery themed Lait de Coco bag, which first debuted in 2014. A milk carton inspired the bag’s look, and it has a metallic goatskin design. It’s very classy, and the bag itself is easy to take out from day till night.


Moschino offers the Happy Meal Leather Shoulder Bag inspired by McDonald’s Happy Meal box. The bag could easily be mistaken for the Meal box if not for the chain and shoulder strap. Moschino also debuted a French pie iPhone cover as an ode to McDonald’s.

Forever 21 and Taco Bell

The teen’s outfitter, Forever 21, collaborated with Taco Bell to release a ‘fast food fast show’ collection. This collection includes cropped hoodies and bodysuit for women. It also consists of a pullover, hoodie, and tees for girls. The men’s collection features a colorful and illustrated sweatshirt, hoodie, and anorak jacket.

Besides its collaboration with Forever 21, Taco Bell has also teamed up with socks brand The Hundred to release a line of socks. The hundreds packed the socks as burritos, which was very creative. Taco Bell also has a range of food-inspired clothing, hat, fancy pack, water bottle, and sunglasses.


In 2017, the sneakers maker unveiled a collection of food-themed sneakers in collaboration with Refinery29. This collection included a pepperoni pie inspired sneakers, a lobster shoe, cheese shoe, shrimp and grits and shoe, and a Memphis star barbecue shoe.


Nike has unveiled a dessert inspired sneakers and a chicken and waffles sneakers in the past. Some of its other food-inspired collections include Nike Whataburger sneakers, Etom Mess shoe, Krispy Kreme’s Basketball shoe, Nike Heineken sneakers, and Nike Starbucks inspired coffee dunks.

In 2017, Nike SB teamed up with Momofuku restaurant group, to release a limited edition of Nike SB Dunk High Pro. The sneakers had the restaurant’s peach logo and a dark denim color based on the aprons its kitchen staff wear.


Over the years, Coca-Cola has teamed up with several fashion brands to create unique designs. Some of these designs include sneakers, t-shirts, caps, hoodies, varsity jackets, tracksuits, and sweatshirts.

One of its famous collaborations was with notable designer KITH, to produce a Chuck Taylor’s All-Star 70’s Converse. Other designers it has worked with include Neighborhood, ZOZOTOWN, Undercover, and A Bathing Ape.

Madewell and Milk Bar

Madewell is a women’s clothing company that teamed up with Milk Bar Bakery to design a five-piece capsule collection. The collection includes a denim apron, a cookie pocket tee, cookie-patterned bandana, and the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook.


Fashion designers have found a way to create a common ground with food enthusiasts. Inspiration from food has birthed many out-of-the-box designs in clothing, bags, shoes, and accessories. Now, food is not only for satisfying your cravings, but it has become a fashion item also.

Food incorporation has also given brands a way of gaining customers’ attention. By giving them fashion items that they can relate with, brands engage consumers from different parts of the world.

How to Run a Fashion Retail Store Successfully

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Running a fashion retail shop like any other business requires you to put the vitals in place to stand a chance at survival. A successful fashion business goes beyond just setting up a store and putting wares into the store.

There are factors you must consider if you intend to run a fashion retail store successfully. Market competition, positioning your store, and customer traffic would be part of your paramount concerns.

Here we’ve put a couple of points together to help you successfully start and run a fashion retail store.

A Business Plan

The survival or otherwise of any business hinges so much on its business plan. Your business does not start with raising huge funds and renting large business spaces. Setting out your entire business on paper is the right place to start.

A business plan goes beyond just the surface. Consider mapping your business days, business hours, your target market, who’ll be your staff, and other little details. Your business plan is that detailed document that covers your whats, wheres, whens, whys, and hows.

Also, your business plan should cover factors like

  • The goals and objectives of your business
  • Your management structure
  • An overview of your products
  • A market analysis that includes details of your competitors
  • Financial statements of your income and expenditure expectations
  • Your detailed marketing and advertising strategy

Starting on the right footing is essential for business success, and a detailed business plan will help you achieve it.

Find the Right Business Space

Choosing a suitable business location is one of the right steps towards business success. It makes no sense to open for business and have no customers coming in, all because you’re in the wrong location.

A location with a high traffic count is ideal. Your retail shop would perform better if it’s close to another non-competitive retail shop. The retail shop will help draw more foot counts to your business and increase your sales opportunity.

Besides a location with high walk-in traffic, consider the size of your shop, and facilities available. Look for a space large enough to contain everything you’ll want to have in stock, a storeroom, and other essentials.

Also, the demography of your store location will help you determine what to sell, and avoid having a high-end fashion shop in a low earning neighborhood.

Take Inventory and Keep Proper Account

Keeping and maintaining an account is generally essential in life, and can’t be overemphasized in a business. If you don’t have a record of what you earn and how much you spend monthly, it’ll be impossible to determine if you’re making a profit or not.

Take inventory of your business. Always keep track of what’s selling, what’s not, average turnover and the profit margin of your stock. Such records will help you make appropriate market adjustments.

Using technology to keep track and accounts of your business will make the entire process easy for you and also allows you to keep the most accurate records of your business.

Advertise and Advertise

Your fashion retail shop may be the best around town. But if you’re not making sales, you’re worse than that poorly equipped shop at the end of the city with regular customer visits. Your customers can only know what you’re doing when you let them know.

Advertising is very vital for any business. You must put words out there to let customers know you’re open and what you do. Identify your target market and find out the best channels of advertising.

You can’t overlook digital marketing in present-day advertising. It’s fast and affordable. Build a web and social media presence, grow your followership of potential customers, and keep them engaged. Digital marketing can announce your business even before you open your doors.

Use the Right Staffing

Building the right team is as important as opening up in a good location. Beyond getting customers, keeping and maintaining old customers is key to business success. Your team of employees can help make or mar this aspect of your business.

Your staff can help customers with their shopping. It’s commonplace to see customers finding it difficult to navigate through the store. This scenario, for instance, is a perfect opportunity to build a good customer relationship. Your team is responsible for making the shopping experience easy for customers.

Hiring a young group of lads interested in the fashion world, for instance, would have your team put in their best because they have a passion for the job they do.

Maintain Good Customer Service and Communication with Customers

Communication is essential for business success. Build excellent customer relationships by responding to inquiries and complaints. Excellent communication with your customers will foster good interpersonal relationship and have your customers coming back all the time.

Each customer is unique and vital, and it’s essential to protect their privacy while ensuring excellent service. Make use of suggestion boxes, for instance, to collect anonymous customer dissatisfaction, while preserving the identity of the customer. This method will tailor your customer service aright.

Provide Protection Against Theft

Nothing cripples a business faster than theft and loss. Take every step necessary to ensure you protect your store from any form of theft. Consider hiring a team of security experts to secure your business, particularly the cyber aspect.

Employ technology and security cameras to provide support for your security team, and effectively protect your business.

Successfully running a fashion retail store requires discipline, research, and consistent adaptation to new trends. Also, be conscious of upselling other products in your store to every customer that walks in. It’ll give your customers a sense of being valued. Finally, you must possess consistent character for success.

Fashion Designers Review: Pruvit KETO Benefits

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There is power in the food we consume, however, not everyone is privileged to have all the foods naturally. This is the reason why there are supplements to just get the right nutrient and at the right quantity. Pruvit KETO technological breakthrough is a component that has many health benefits. In most cases,  weight loss is one of the best benefits. The importance of this is that it has high fat and low-carb content. Fashion designers understand the reason why it is important to have a healthy weight of not a nice body shape. Have you gone to the boutique and you cannot get a cloth that fits you simply because of the shape. There are four main benefits of Pruvit KETO. They include

The increased amount of energy

Energy is what drives your body to manage the various mechanisms. The main function is that it alters the main body glucose dissolution. This is the fuel for your body. It is, therefore, comes in handy to prolong the rate at which you feel like eating. Moreover, it also works like fasting and this is the reason why you can manage the weight loss program.

Enhances the performance of an athlete

Energy is important even for an athlete. This is the energy that is got from the high-fat content as much as you have a low carbohydrate level in the body. This is a result of the two components which include endogenous and exogenous ketones. These are both natural products and nutritional supplement respectively.

Reduces the appetite

The moment you have an appetite then you need to forget about weight loss. This is what we talk about the prolonged fasting that works in the diet. It reduces the rate at which you long to take food. It works directly on the nervous system such that the brain automatically knows when to stimulate the body to get food or rather when to stop. You notice that when you are on this diet you tend to reach your fill faster hence minimizing the rate at which you even consume the junk food.

Stimulates mental functioning

Everybody activity starts in the brain. This diet works in such a way that it inhibits the production of glucose which is a carbohydrate. With this then its high-fat content some in handy to provide the deprived energy for normal body function including aerobic and anaerobic exercises. Although this is a process in which naturally it has its side effects, the other mineral component in the diet takes care of this. This diet is also responsible for the prevention of anxiety disorders as well as memory issues. Be sure that the mental performance as a result of consumption of this diet is

As much as there is deprivation of this important component then be sure that you will still maintain a healthy lifestyle with no illnesses.

Are you struggling to have a special diet with specific nutrients? Are you on a failing weight loss program? If yes then try this diet to enjoy its benefits as a fashion designer.


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